Wastewater and Sewage Microorganism – 3 Parasites Incidental to Wastewater and Sewage Disinfection

Schistosoma mekongi

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Various  spherical worms parasites and flatworms can be transmitted to humans by means of ingesting contaminated water. A single mature larva (or fertilized eggs) can lead to infection and these parasites are relatively durable.

To keep away from the condition due to schistosome, the drinking water might be saved for forty eight hours and as a result rendered safe. Slow sand filters can eliminate the greater part of cercariae (if appropriately operated) and disinfection with residual chlorine of .5 mg/l for one hour will destroy cercariae of the human schistosomes. We recommend chlorination in any event.

A sounder strategy is to get rid of host snails which are inclined to fecal contamination and to other microorganisms in wastewater. The grandmother’s strategy of boiling and filtering will usually function in opposition to contaminating wastewater microorganism species.


Rotifers are multicellular animals that can take in small particulates as effectively as bacteria and algae between other sewage microorganism species. The rotifers can attach themselves to flock particles and graze on the bacteria on the flock surface. Due to the fact of their significant measurement, protozoa and rotifers and related microbes in wastewater are very easily acknowledged under the microscope and are usually utilized as indicators of the biochemical qualities of wastewater remedy techniques.

The rotating movement of the cilia located on the head of the organism is a sure method to identify the bacteria.  Metabolically, rotifers can be labeled as aerobic chemoheterotrophs.


Like rotifers, crustaceans are aerobic chemoheterotrophs that feed on wastewater microorganism species like bacteria and algae. These difficult-shelled, multi-cellular animals are a source of foods for fish. (Crabs and lobsters are crustaceans).

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