Septic Tank Treatment Options – RID-X Versus NORWECO Bio-Gem Review

As a homeowner, I always had trouble with my septic tank system.  Due to various issues, I had to pump my septic tank every one to two years.  Around the year 2000, this was not a big issue in that pumping costs were about $100.  Septic tank pumping costs are now about $350 for a 1200 gallon septic.  This high-cost and the inconvenience of having to pump forced me to look at septic tank additives.  From the year 2002 about 2005, I tried many septic tank additives.  Septic tank treatment additives that I tried included RID-X and numerous other liquid additives.

All the standard commercial additives available, most notably RID-X, barely extended the time between pump intervals.  In addition, noticeable odor from my septic tank and floor drains were prevalent when I used RID-X in these other products.  As a licensed wastewater engineer, I felt that I could do better.  My research led me to start using NORWECO Bio-Gem organic digester.  I started using Bio-Gem in the summer of 2006.  Since using Bio-Gem organic digester, I have not had to pump my septic tank for over six years now.  One side benefit that I see in using the NORWECO Bio-Gem organic digester is the elimination of the rotten egg smell, which I had up to this point.

In addition, I had clogging line problems from the house to the septic tank.  My wife routinely poured bacon grease another oils down my sink drains.  These greases clogged my line from my house my septic tank.  I troubleshot this problem with a sewer camera prior to and after using Bio-Gem.  Over a couple months, the Bio-Gem product digested all the grease buildup in the line.  I have had no further problem with this line clogging.

I became a NORWECO distributor, since I like the product so much.  Please visit our online store for pricing on this fine product.  I discount the prices of all NORWECO products since I have low overhead and that I do volume online selling.

Please visit our site for pricing and other good information on wastewater treatment systems and NORWECO products.  If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact me at  We welcome your input.

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    We spoke a couple of days ago. If you get a chance please e-mail me and I will send that perc report. THANKS!

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