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  1. ben dunn says:

    Read your article “Essential Residential Leach Field” and found it very helpful. We have a leach line that no longer drains and realize after reading the article, it most likely is matted. It is over 25 years old. If there is a product that can help, what do you recommend and where can we purchase it?

    • bbwastew says:

      Hi, you asked some very good questions.

      Yes septic leach lines are normally matted after about 20 to 30 years of life. I have found about a 90% success rate in attaching a NORWECO dynamic tablet feeder to the outlet of your septic tank between the tank and Leach line. The best selection for tablet feeder is the NORWECO LF 1000. You can then fill the tablet feeder with the NORWECO product Bio-Perc. What this does for you is to dose the water exiting your septic tank with a high concentration of digestive enzymes, which are specifically designed to target that mat layer. When you use this product you should see a gradual improvement in your perk rates as the matting layer is dissolved.

      The second approach that I strongly recommend is to use the Bio-Gem organic digester to ensure good septic tank health. I personally use this organic digester on a monthly basis. The digester will dissolve/digest solids in your septic tank. It is quite possible that some of your problem may be grease buildup in your tank and in your Leach field. The Bio-Gem product will also dissolve any grease buildups in your system. Also, the Bio-Gem organic digester will clean your lines going from your house to your septic tank, minimizing having to root your lines when they clogged. Thirdly, the organic digester will minimize any rotten egg smells from your system. Overall, it will help maintain a good, healthy septic system.

      This two-pronged approach, I personally use as a professional registered civil engineer, I strongly believe in the products. I have had no problems with my aged septic system for the last 10 the 12 years. Previously, I tried RID-X and many other products which flatly did NOT WORK. The NORWECO products have prevented any problems over the last 10 years with my system.

      So, Mr. Donn, I recommend using both Bio-Gem organic digester and the Bio-Perc products and you should see a gradual improvement in your system over the next year to two years.

      I hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at:

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