Wastewater Treatment _ De-centralized vice Centralized Sewage Treatment.

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USBF (TM) Misuse Water Treatment System for the Tonto Apache Tribe in Payson, Arizona. The plant has a capacity of eighty thousand gallons per day (regular) it serves the “Maztal Casino, Resort & Conference Middle” and it serves other services in the reservation these kinds of as housing, tribal administration amenities and gentle commercial stores.

When considering WWTP designs BnB generally likes to see more De-centralized wastewater treatment. We strongly feel that limits should be placed on how far we pump our waste streams. At the minimum a 30/30 (BOD/TSS) treatement should be considered if pumping the sewage in excess of a one-mile distance. For example in San Diego, CA every heavy rainfall generally causes relief valves to lift and raw sewage is released into the washes. This causes hazardous pathogen levels in nearby beaches for days or weeks.

By treating wastewater in nodes and then pump the treated water vice raw sewage, releases have minimum environmental hazards/impacts. We advocate distributive treatment vice large-mega centralized treatment to minimize these sewage transfer hazards.

BnB opinion.

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